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    We had a very nice time at the home. Thank you for taking care of us. Have a nice day

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    June 2012:

    We had a fantastic holiday in Florida, Thank you.

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    May 2012: Sarah

    We had a very good time during our stay at your property. Thanks for drop off the champagne, strawberries and chocolate, that was very thoughtful. It is a very nice house… Thanks again, can’t wait to return next year.

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    April 2012: Eugene

    Thank You for the accommodations. The house was great!…

    March 2012:

    Hi, we enjoyed the visit and the house was very convenient to the parks, Thanks again…

    November 2010:

    Hi, staying at this house was absolutely great. Thanks

    August 2010:Jinná

    Good Evening, We have loved staying in the home thanks so much.

    July 2010: Brandi

    I just want to take the time to you for a wonderful stay in our homes were in the process of planning another family vacation for next year again thank you very much!!!!

    June 2010: Family Thompson

    Cool thanks very much. We enjoyed our stay. I will contact you in future for possible stays.

    May 17 2010: Dave

    It was an amazing house. We loved it. More space than we ever needed, and I will email you pictures to see how we put it to great use. Thank you so much!

    April 2010: Mahogany

    Good morning: We are just getting ready to leave the house. We had a great week in Florida, we enjoyed the house and the sunshine.

    March 2010: Vallena

    We have loved staying in the home thanks you so much… thanks again. I will make sure I leave a review on the website detailing our wonderful stay. Have a good day!

    August 2012:

    It was an amazing house. We loved it. More space than we ever needed and I will email you pics to see how we put it to great use. Thank you so much!

    April 2010:

    We had a wonderful stay at your house. Thank you again. Hopefully when we return to Florida we will reserve with you again. Have a blessed day.

    August 2009: Karen

    Hello! We are back from our amazing week in Orlando! 🙂 On behalf of everyone we want to thank for an awesome vacation!

    April 2008: